Symplicit Bootcamp

Portfolio Strategy for Managing Enterprise Projects

What is it

One of the largest challenges within organisations is the prioritisation and management of multiple projects, services and systems that share limited resources. Proper alignment across teams in planning, scheduling, and governance can significantly improve the lead time in the delivery of projects and bring value to the organisation and customers.

This workshop will introduce Eli Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints Drum Buffer Rope (DBR) and Replenishment, Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) and how they apply at the Portfolio (Team of Teams) levels within the organisation.

How it works

Designed for managers and leadership teams this bootcamp explores the process of formulating, deploying, and maintaining control of production and replenishment schedules within both production and supply chain environments. It will also cover production management as an operational strategy designed and executed to achieve an overall business strategy.

Participating in a combination of lectures, reflection, discussion attendees will gain a better understanding of how these approaches work together to significantly increase the flow of value to both organisations and customers.

Portfolio Strategy

  • An introduction to Theory of Constraints as applied to Software Design and IT Projects
  • The Logical Thinking Process applied to Whole Systems Thinking
  • Strategic Constraints Management
  • Fundementals of Critical Chain Project Management vs Critical Path Project Management
  • How to build a portfolio of IT projects from the ground-up and sequence using CCPM
  • Drum-Buffer-Rope and time-based Work In Progress Limits
  • Mapping dependencies across IT Projects with shared resources
  • Theory of Constraints versus Agile/Lean for DevOps Transformation

Who should attend

  • Any leader who wishes to improve her organisation
  • Any designer who wishes to lead and manage her organisation more effectively
  • Lean and Agile coaches
  • Human Resources and Organisational Development professionals who wish to seek more effective means to deeply improve the thinking, behaviour, alignment, and performance of their organisation and the people in it
  • Senior executives who wish to improve their abilities to lead and manage
  • Anyone who wishes to improve his or her critical lean thinking

Register Interest

Email or call +61 2 9280 3596 for further information

The Details
  • 26 February - 16 March 2018

  • Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide

  • $990 + GST per head