Transforming the GCPHN Digital Experience

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The Brief

The Brief

The Gold Coast Primary Health Network is one of 31 Primary Health Networks established by the Federal Government across Australia.

Over many years, information for both health professionals and community members has been collated to the point where the website has become unintuitive and problematic. Redesigning the website to ensure the correct information is presented to the correct user group was essential.

Our Process

  • Internal stakeholder workshop
  • Top tasks survey
  • Contextual inquiries
  • Prototyping
  • User testing

Working with internal stakeholders and users of the website we uncovered insights and developed design principles to help inform the website redesign.

The final result presented tailored information to individuals based on what type of user they were (a health professional or a community member). How this information is grouped came from contextual inquiries.

We did this by introducing a pre-landing page, individualising the top menu headings and re-organising the information architecture. Site wide we utilised best practice usability standards and ensured accessibility standards were met.

The Final Results

Participants were asked to complete a User Experience Questionnaire (UEQ) based on their experience using the current website and new GCPHN website prototype.

The questionnaire compares designs to benchmark data from 18,483 individual people from 401 different studies. Compared to the current website, the new prototype achieved significantly better results against all benchmarked UEQ scales.