Transforming the Telstra Air® Experience

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The Brief

The Brief

Telstra Air® provides free Wi-Fi data at over 300,000 Telstra hotpots around Australia for Telstra mobile and broadband users. However, despite a high-profile launch, usage was not meeting expectations.

Symplicit was engaged to apply human-centred design methodology to develop the product and customer value proposition, and an experience blue print that was used as a base to help create the product road map for Telstra Air®.

Our Process

Symplicit discovered that the digital and physical touch points were not working well together, which was negatively impacting the overall customer experience.

Through customer and staff observations and interviews, concept testing of digital and physical prototypes, collaboration with technical teams and weekly experience walkthroughs with senior stakeholders (in NSW and Vic), Symplicit was able to assist the product team to create an approach that would achieve Telstra Air®’s usage targets through improved awareness and endorsement of the service.

Telstra Air onboarding screen for Unlimited WIFI.
Telstra Air onboarding screen for Auto Connect.

The Final Results

Telstra Air® is a complex product that requires many departments to work together to deliver the best customer experience. The project was successful in several areas:

  • Encouraged culture shift for further collaboration opportunities between the various Telstra business teams for a uniform vision for the ideal experience.
  • A defined product and customer value proposition, and a 12-month roadmap endorsed by executive stakeholders and technical teams is now being used.
  • Insights from prototype testing with customers influenced the visual merchandising teams to ensure strategic in-store representation and improvements in the sales process.