Telstra Future Retail Store Experience

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The Brief

The Brief

A customer-centric approach to Telstra’s store design.

Telstra is creating the next evolution of their retail store environments. This project evaluated the new store design in live environments to drive improvements informed by customer needs and behaviours.

Our Process

Symplicit took a behavioral research approach, undertaking observational and field interviews - allowing us to clarify the difference between what we hear and what we see.

Symplicit used the following approaches: Behavioral observation to validate how well store flow and zones deliver on customer and business drivers. Customer intercepts to validate how well the store facilitates customer tasks and to understand their experience. Staff interviews to validate hypotheses around customer interactions and understand the experience from a staff perspective.

The Final Results

Symplicit spent 35 days, across 5 stores, conducting over 400 interviews in order to gain real world customer insight into the store experience. This led to the creation of a key actions report so the Telstra design team could understand what the design needed to address for customers. Telstra now moves forward with insights and key actions that enable customer-centric decisions around store design from a cost, scale and experience perspective.